Customs Clearance

Customs clearance always goes side by side with international business operations and often comes as the final step of transportation process. Customs clearance is an obligatory procedure for all the goods crossing a border between countries. Apart from the common international custom clearance rules, every country has its own specifics.

M9 Logistics Family Network offers a wide range of services that help to process goods at customs as quickly as possible.

· Having worked in custom clearance for many years we acquired extensive experience and positive cooperation with customs representatives that allows us to go through the clearing procedures without delays.
· We are capable of registering any cargo through the various customs procedures.
· We form part of several international customs brokers’ organizations.
· We work with e-declarations, which is a comparatively new approach to handling customs control;
· All our offices use electronic document flow that allows our Customers to reach for on-line customs and shipping documentation through our Monitoring Service;
· We have offices situated in various airports of US, Europe and Asia. Such proximity to airport clearance makes the clearing procedure faster and does not entail extra expenditures for storing cargo at terminal points
· We have agents in different countries across the world, who help us to carry out international customs control services;
· Our employees are certified for performing customs clearance consultation and activities. Once in two years they attend career enhancement training and renew their certificates;
· Our competent staff always keeps track of changes in customs regulations and work in close cooperation with customs offices and international airport for generating new technologies for customs clearance.



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