To our Customers, our Partners and our Communities:

As 2020 continues to unfold, we have witnessed the spread of COVID-19 to all corners of the world: watched as businesses, communities and countries have responded to and struggled with pandemic challenges; many have mourned the loss of friends and family, and some of us may have fought the disease ourselves. Our new reality is not a static state of being, but instead continues to evolve on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. What is a constant for us all worldwide is a need to continue to move forward with sometimes less than perfect information and to adapt to our new reality as necessary.

In navigating this pandemic, now more than ever, people are coming to appreciate the fundamental importance of supply chains and the sometimes unintended interdependencies that may exist. Supply chain itself is a word now almost universally recognized as communities have experienced periodic delays, shortages or changes in how goods are delivered to them. Perishables, consumables, PPE and related supplies—the availability of these and more are framed within the ability to keep goods moving to and fro, with the complications of capacity and other constraints always looming. For M9 Logistics Team, it continues to be our mission but also our responsibility to work through these challenges for our customers, our communities and for the global good.

In the meantime pandemic policies and procedures have been in place network-wide for months and have been updated as necessary, providing a safety-zone for people and freight across the supply chain.We have provided daily capacity and country updates in relation to COVID-19, along with disease-centric news, which is freely available online for all. Our focus has been on supplying timely information to help organizations be better informed as they make critical business decisions. Coupled with this, our seasoned and experienced staff continue to provide customers every opportunity to streamline and succeed in a strained environment.

As capacity has shifted across air, land and sea, and the spectre of rising costs, surcharges, and financial uncertainty has troubled many, M9 has been a safe harbor in this storm. Our fiscal strength has provided stability for our trusted vendors and it is these deep partnerships that have been integral to our success in keeping the supply chain moving for our customers. 

M9 Logistics is steadfastly committed to overcoming the challenges of today as we work toward a better, successful and healthier tomorrow.

Thank you for your confidence as we continue to serve your needs.



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