The survey by Sapio Research, covered more than 100 online retailers.

  • 83% believe that automation will drive future online retail growth.
  • More than 75% respondents said they were handling up to 50,000 orders per day, with this rising to 75,000 orders per day for some during peak periods, putting pressure on warehousing and delivery. 
  • Some 45% are sure that a lack of staff to fulfil orders was a key hurdle to meeting delivery schedules while 42 per cent highlighted order errors.
  • 74% of respondents have less than half of their warehouse management processes currently automated. 
  • 49% cent are planning to further reduce manual warehouse processes before their next peak spell.
  • Majority of online retailers marked that customer expectations on delivery have risen significantly over the last five years, and 59% of those admit that meeting these expectations is the biggest challenge they face.
  • More than 75% beleive that increased warehouse automation would help them improve their customer service capabilities. 
  • 48% are planning to change their order fulfilment processes in the future with 49% believing that increased automation will enable them to handle orders more quickly and efficiently during peak periods. 
  • In addition 41% said it would help them to respond to orders more quickly
  • 38%said it would help reduce picking and packing errors.

Italian company LESAM joined the ACEХ Alliance

Company specializes in the sector of international shipments for over 25 years. LESAM International Group carries out worldwide shipments particularly in the U.S., China, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

LESAM International Group is the International Freight Forwarder specializing in air, sea and land transport and forwarding.

Company provides next logistic services:

  • Airfreight all over the world

In international air shipments LESAM International Group, collaborates with the most reliable companies, offering immediate services to all major destinations in the world, especially in the Middle and Far East.

  • Land shipments across Europe

The road haulage can be completely dedicated with complete loads but also managed in groupages, according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

  • Intercontinental rail and sea shipments

Lesam International Group manages globally shipping containerized and groupage both in export and import, all over the world.

  • 100% custom support

Lesam International Group is also responsible for all administrative and bureaucratic procedures relating to the customs clearance

  • Food delivery at controlled temperature
  • Сonsulting
  • Product Conformity Certification
  • Shipments for large shipbuilding projects
  • Shipping of pharma with controlled temperature

Alexandra Chagina, ACEX Deputy Director for business development: “ACEX and LESAM partnership will help other Alliance members to strengthen their presence in the region and expand their client portfolio by providing first-hand service”.

We are happy to welcome the new Alliance member in Italy and look forward to long-term and productive cooperation between the companies!



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